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You can find on this page information on the Shareholders' General Meeting that has been convened for the 28th April 2016, at the Fundação de Serralves in Oporto.

General Meeting notice of meeting
Html version

1. To resolve on the Directors' Report and individual and consolidated accounts of the Bank for the 2015 financial year;


   a) Banco BPI's consolidated annual report and accounts (only available in Portuguese)
   b) Individual Financial Statement and notes (only available in Portuguese)
2. To resolve on the proposed allocation of the result of the 2015 financial year;
3. To generally review Banco BPI's management and supervision;
4. To resolve on the following amendments to Banco BPI, S.A.'s Articles of Association: (i) insertion of a new paragraph 2 to Article 4; (ii) amendment to paragraph 2 of Article 17; (iii) amendment to paragraph 1 and sub-paragraph b) of paragraph 3 of Article 28 and; (iv) removal of paragraph 3 of Article 29;
5. To ratify the co-optation of a vacancy on the Board of Directors;
6. To resolve on "Banco BPI's Remuneration Policy applicable to the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board".

Participation Statements
(mandatory for all ways of participation in the Shareholders' General Meeting)
Procedures - Html version
Notice of Attendance to the Chairman of the General Meeting
Notes - Html version
Notice of Attendance to the Financial Intermediary
Notes - Html version

How to participate
Presentially Procedures
By Representation Procedures Proxy form
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Useful information
Articles of Association
Members of the Governing Bodies of Banco BPI, S.A. and management and supervisory positions held at other companies, disclosed in compliance with the provisions in Article 289 a) and b) of the Commercial Companies Code

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